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Marissa Marshall

Bedroom Battles Round 55

This Bedroom Battle is going to make your jaw drop to floor. Can you imagine wrestling a girl on your bed as hot as Marissa and having her wrap those perfectly tanned toned legs around your neck and body? She smiles and giggles while you helplessly struggle to escape when in reality, you want to stay in there all day. This particular match is very much a foot lover’s dream. While holding him in her scissors, Marissa removes her sweaty knee high socks and makes him smell them, and then sticks them in his mouth. She’s extra bratty in this video and really seems to enjoy taunting and humiliating her opponent. She also manages to knock him out by accident with a side reverse scissor. He wakes up in a panic and yells “I passed out” worried since she still has him locked in tight. Marissa then decides to give him a full dose of foot domination. She sits on top of him, pins his arms back and sticks her feet right in his face. She then spins him around and continues to smother his face with her beautiful stinky feet. He’s just exhausted from all of the scissors, HOM and smothering and can no longer fight back. Once Marissa is satisfied, stands above him and strikes a victory, showing off that incredible fit body. Don’t miss out!

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