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Bella Ink

Bedroom Battles Round 56

You have to check out Bella Ink’s debut video on ScissorFoxes. This Bedroom Battle is our most competitive yet and we shouldn’t be surprised. Bella has been featured on Lingerie Fighting Championships and has done her fair share of full competitive fights. Don’t let her size full you as she is very feisty and has always been involved in sports and working out, which really pays off when she has your head in her vise grip. Her opponent Shawn does a great job and gives her a good go. He even gets the better of her a couple of times but as Bella says, she’s #1 and makes sure she comes out on top. There’s a great moment where Bella has Shawn in a reverse headscissor while he has her in a bodyscissor and they both squeeze each other until he finally submits and lets go. Bella is also a great trash talker which keeps things interesting. After winning most of the rounds, she finally shuts him up by knocking his ass out with her strong legs. Get ready to be entertained!

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