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Best of Nessie (Part 1)

We shot so many amazing videos with Nessie which include countless incredible moments, so we decided to split this into 2 parts. Her role play skills are in a league of their own and when you pair that up with her big thick strong thighs, you end up with the best fantasies you can ever imagine. We start with her Pressure Gauge, which showcases just how crazy strong she really is. She laughs at Jay when he thought she was squeezing her hardest, when really she was only at 20% of her power. She then plays the role of a vengeful cheerleader, a neck breaking assassin and also dresses as sexy Poison Ivy willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make Jay wear a Black Widow outfit to Comicon. Not only that, but she breaks Trent’s neck with a reverse headscissor for not enduring her facesitting challenge followed by a reverse headscissor challenge where she squeezes hard every time Jay touches her legs. Nessie then scissors 2 heads at once, pops balloons and crushes a pillow between her thighs. You’ll love when she makes her boss talk to his wife on the phone while she’s scissoring him, then takes pictures and demands a raise. Lastly, you get to see what it’s like to be her squeeze toy with some HOT POV action ending with a reverse knockout and victory pose! So much Nessie awesomeness in one 20-minute video, and there’s still more to come, so strap in.

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