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Nikki Next

Best of Nikki Next (Part 1)

Back in 2015, in a hotel in Niagara Falls, we were completely shocked by a young girl who was so sweet and so petite who as able to cause so much damage with her legs. Nikki Next has since grew into the legend that she is today, and we were fortunate to create so many amazing videos with her. Right from the start, Jay knew he really underestimated her. Nikki’s first video was a Pressure Gauge, and there’s one point that Jay is in real panic mode and hears her say that she’s only at 30% of her power. When she finally allows him to breathe, he looks up at her traumatized, and asks “Did you just say 30?”. Nikki laughs and responds “Ya” and continues to destroy his neck. The rest is history. Video after video, Jay had to endure the wrath of the almighty Nikki Next. No matter what we threw at her, she was game and made sure the audience knew what she was capable of. This compilation has so many highlights including 10 brutal knockouts (scissors and sleeper holds), rib breakers, a neck breaker, POV, a Xenia Onatopp scene, a cousin scene, semi-comp, HOM breath play, latex leggings, victory poses, crazy amounts of panic and the sexy sadistic smile of Nikki Next. Even if you’ve purchased her videos, this “Best of Nikki Next” is 20 minutes of back to back action and is stacked with her best moments. We can’t recommend this enough, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

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