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Best of Sunfire

This is still to date one of the top 10 scariest shoots that we’ve had on ScissorFoxes. We’ve been meaning to do a “Best of” video compilation for a while and who better than to feature than the one and only Sunfire. We shot 12 videos with her back in 2007 and Jay still has nightmares about it. “Scissor Challenge 11” may have the most panic than any other video in our library, and all of those moments and more are featured in this 20 minute terror fest. Sunfire has the tendency to stay clamped on even when you tap, beg for your life or even scream at the top of your lungs. Watch her smile while creating such havoc! Her legs are like a pitbull with lockjaw. Once she has you between them, you’re completely screwed as your neck is cemented in her solid muscles. All you can do is hope she eventually lets you breathe because those are the longest seconds of your life. Enjoy this insane video and let us know what you think.

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