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VeVe Lane

Big Sister’s Furious Scissors!

Big sisters are known to be very tough and often beat up or even protect their younger siblings. After finding out her younger sister’s boyfriend left a party with some other girl, VeVe gets furious and seeks payback. Ropes and scissors are her specialty and she’s about to show him a new level of pain. She kicks her scissors into overdrive, showing him no mercy! VeVe then knocks him out once and right when he wakes up, knocks him out AGAIN! He wakes up completely dazed and trapped under her reverse schoolgirl pin while she flexes her amazing biceps. Never mess with the big sister!
This video includes Facesitting, School Girl Pin, Muscle Flexing & Figure-4, Front, Classic, Reverse Side Throat, Reverse Figure-4 Headscissors & Reverse Scissor Knockout!

Resolution: 1280 x 720

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