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Megan Jones

Blackmail Session Pics

Megan Jones is about to teach this guy a lesson he’ll never forget. In fact, he’ll have pictures on his phone to remind him. After arriving 15 minutes late to their session, Megan orders him to give her his phone and to kneel before her. She wraps her big, strong thighs around his neck, then informs him that she’ll be taking selfie pics of their time together and sending them to his girlfriend. He begs and pleads with her, but Megan is in charge here, and his tardiness has consequences. He’ll later have to explain to his girlfriend why his head was wedged between another woman’s thighs. Megan laughs and asks him if his girlfriend will be mad that her ass is all up in his face as she takes another close up pic of him trapped in her reverse. She snaps many humiliating pics and even a couple of him getting knocked out. In the last hold, she makes him hold up the camera while she positions herself on the couch for a hardcore reverse headscissor. She demands that he takes a pic of himself in this demeaning position, then immediately knocks him out. While he’s waking up from his power nap, Megan snaps a few more pics, then films a quick video, offering to teach his girlfriend how to dominate her boyfriend. You definitely want to see this!

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