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Sydney Thunder

Breath Play 19

As if it wasn’t hard enough to breathe while being crushed by Sydney’s all-powerful scissors, adding in hand over mouth and bondage is beyond cruel. We know that our fans love when the victim is pushed to the edge and Trent certainly paid the ultimate price when volunteering to be in this video. Sydney starts by smothering him under her muscular ass. After about 2 minutes of that, she shoves his neck into a very tight reverse headscissor followed by a reverse figure-4. His head looks so tiny between those big thick thighs. Once she rolls over to her side, she administers some H.O.M. which really gets him squirming. We can’t imagine what he was thinking! She flexes and torments him with her perfectly sculpted muscles. Sydney also lets him know that she has no remorse for him and continues to pulverize him between her Thunder Thighs! There’s no doubt that those legs could crush boulders so snapping a little neck like his was bound to happen. With a sudden violent blow, a loud crack is heard and Trent is no more. One foot on his back, Sydney strikes a victory pose as she conquers and destroys another man.

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