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Sadie Rose

Candy Cane Pain 3

Sadie walks into the room wearing and extremely sexy Santa outfit. As the tradition goes, each year they get to open one gift on Christmas eve. Sadie goes first and is shocked to find out that her boyfriend got her Swiffer dusting refills. Now it’s time for his gift and he’s definitely not going to like it. Sadie wraps her long strong legs around his neck so tightly, he’s practically in tears. She’s completely furious but luckily, crushing her stupid boyfriend is quickly cheering her up. She smacks him around with her candy cane decoration and then snatches him back between her dangerous legs. Now that’s how you wrap a gift! Pay close attention to the figure-4 headscissor and you’ll see that he’s out for a long time before she notices it and finally lets him go. Her scissors are some of the strongest ever so this is the wrong woman you want to upset. Finally, she figures out the perfect way that her boyfriend can make it up to her. He has to remain locked between her scissors for the entire night while she watches her favorite Christmas movies. If you’re good, maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to have Sadie squeeze you all night long. Now that’s a very Merry Christmas!

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