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ConTRAPtion 3

Our new ConTRAPtion series is quickly becoming a fan favorite and each one gets more ruthless than the last. This one takes the cake and is definitely one of our top 10 most brutal videos of all time! Firestorm unleashes HELL right out of the gate, knocking him out within 20 seconds into the video. She accidentally holds him under for a long 15 seconds before Venus, our camera girl, lets her know that he’s WAY out! She finally lets him go and after spazzing out and before he gets a chance to get fully orientated, Firestorm puts him right back where they left off. Her dancer’s legs have a mean grip and hold a steady pressure which barely allow Jay to breathe the entire time. Watch him struggle as he thrashes around, not knowing what to do. His wrists and ankles are locked to the weight machine, and although he can pull his arms close to her legs, he’d need a crowbar to pry those pillars apart. After a few more minutes, she knocks him out again in a figure-4 and Venus had to intervene, making sure that he’s left with some braincells. Another harsh recovery but Firestorm quickly puts him back in a reverse and doesn’t hold back. He pleads that he can’t breathe but she just squeezes harder. She locks on tight and gives him a final countdown before putting him to sleep for one last time. All 3 KOs are very intense so get ready to be blown away! Firestorm is considering doing sessions so keep checking our website for updates. The question is, can you handle it?

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