Siren Thorn

ConTRAPtion 4

Our ConTRAPtion videos are getting more extreme as we go. Siren Thorn goes all out sadistic, pushing Jay far passed his limits all while he’s completely attached to her weighted contraption. With a total of 4 knockouts including a back-to-back Figure-4 KO at the end, you may even start feeling bad for Jay after everything she puts him through. It’s 10 minutes of Scissor Hell for him but she’s loving every second of it. She also looks incredibly sexy in that red leotard and netted high heels. You’ll also notice that her legs are more muscular than ever before and her scissors can pinch your air ways. Speaking of air, this video also includes plenty of H.O.M. for you fans out there. You can tell how much he suffers by the way he struggles to breathe, even gurgling at times. This video is no joke and one of our most intense ones yet. When Siren Thorn wants to invoke the fear of God in her victims, she’s more than capable and extremely happy to do it. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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