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Miss Jasmine

Crank It Up 2

When Miss Jasmine gets in her groove, she loves crushing things between her thighs while listening to her music. It’s her favorite method of cardio. With her friend sitting on the other side of the sofa, she slowly goes on the attack and mounts her prey. He’s caught by surprise and before he knows it, she’s wrapped herself all around him like a python. Her tunes are blaring through her earbuds so she can’t hear his desperate pleas of mercy as he gasps for air. Jasmine is too busy enjoying her music, dancing to the rhythm while keeping him tightly locked in her scissorhold. She gets right into it, thrusting her thighs and causes an accidental knockout with her figure-4. He begs her to stop but again, his requests go unheard. She even knocks him out again in a reverse headscissor. After waking up, he desperately tries to get her attention. He doesn’t want to go out anymore but it’s too late. She put him out again with a side reverse. As he wakes up again, Jasmine takes her earbud out and informs him that there is still 5 more hours of music on her playlist. With that, she sticks the earbud back in her ear and really CRANKS IT UP! He cries out because he knows that he’ll never last that long.

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