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Nikki Next

Dangerous Obsession 5

This Valentine’s Day, Nikki Next turns her stalker into a knockout practice dummy. After being captured by her secret admirer, he makes his move but Nikki is very quick and snatches him between her lethal thighs. Her hands might be tied together but unfortunately for him, her legs are now wrapped tightly around his throat. Nikki expresses her anger and slowly tightens harder and harder until he’s completely out. She takes advantage of the situation and ties his hands behind his back. Now it’s her time to play! Let’s just say that scissors and revenge are a very dangerous combo. Nikki unleashes a fury of neck crushing action! She knocks him out in one reverse headscissor, transitions into a couple of different holds and then knocks him out with another reverse. She does this 3 times!! Her reverse is knockout perfection and she really knows how to taunt her prisoner. She pretends to go full power for a split second just to put the fear in him. He never knew when the next KO was coming but it was never far away. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with your favorite ScissorFox Nikki. She never disappoints!

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