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Miss Jasmine

Dangerous Obsession 8

This might be the best Valentine’s gift you ever receive. Miss Jasmine’s videos are the hottest and most intense but she really tops herself here. Every year, we try and feature a “Dangerous Obsession” which are some of the best-selling videos and this year’s is certainly going to have you drooling over Miss Jasmine and her lethal legs. Her stalker has captured her, and has her lying on the bed with her wrists cuffed together. Jasmine convinces him come over and cuddle with her. Luckily for her, he’s a leg man and he starts caressing her legs. Little does he know how powerful they are. Jasmine snags his neck between them and locks them tight. Now he’s the prisoner, her thigh prisoner. Miss Jasmine knocks him out with a figure-4 and while he’s out, she manages to find the key to her cuffs and lock his wrists together with them. Now he’s going to pay! Jasmine subjects him to long torturous scissors, hand over mouth and multiple knockouts. The back-to-back reverse headscissor knockout is something else. Jay is simply terrified and there’s nothing he can do about it. Miss Jasmine knocks him out one last time, nice and slowly in a front headscissor and enjoys every second of it. She sits on his chest as he wakes up and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day. Now, who here would love to spend their Valentine’s Day with Miss Jasmine?

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