Bianca Blance

Dangerous Obsession 9

Get ready because this Valentine’s Day, we’re gifting you with one of the craziest videos we’ve ever produced. Truth be told, it was hard not to release this earlier, as it is so good. It combines the brutality of Bianca’s bestseller “Ultimate KO Beatdown” and some of the most lethal and creative headscissors including crushing 2 heads at once! Sometimes she’s punching one guy while scissoring the other. Let’s not forget that both of these men are tied up, so there’s no way of stopping this wave of punishment. In this 9th edition of “Dangerous Obsession”, there’s a slight twist. This time, it’s the woman who does the abducting and wants to treat herself for this special day of love. And what does Bianca love more than anything? Hurting men! She holds nothing back as she stomps, kicks, punches, slaps, twists nipples, busts balls and of course, squeezes heads. She also makes sure that she knocks both of them out with her signature reverse headscissor. The masked man really starts to snore and Jay goes into a 5-second convulsion. She finishes by striking victory poses by stepping on both of their bodies while stomping on them, and then pressing down on their necks with her splits while flexing her biceps. This is going to be a hard video to top. Happy Valentine’s Day from Bianca and the ScissorFoxes team!

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