Cali Kobra

Dear Scissor Diary…

“Dear scissor diary…today, I’m about to crush a man senseless between my thighs for making fun of my diary!” Cali will find any reason to scissor someone and then jot it down later in her little book. This time she gets to do both at the same time. After getting made fun of, Cali pounces on her friend and locks on a tight grip, quickly turning his face purple. She then flips around, putting him in a tight reverse headscissor and knocks him out! Soon after, he wakes up with his hands tied behind his back and the stunning Cali standing over him with her bare foot digging into his throat. Looking up to this blonde bombshell wearing cut off jean shorts and a white tank top, he knew he was in big trouble! While she’s scissoring him, she describes some of the moments and enters them into her “Scissor Diary”. Like every story, it needs a good ending so Cali opens her legs wide, pulls his neck as deep as it can go, clamps down and says: “Sweet dreams”. Out he goes. Cali’s diary still has plenty of pages to fill.

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