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Death by Scissors 2: Leg Prison!

Have you ever gone on a date with a girl who loves to prove how strong she is? Aiden takes her obsession a little too far and invites men over to her place for a female supremacy crash course. While enjoying some drinks, Jay compliments her tight striped leggings. She straightens her leg and flexes her quad, showing off her muscles. They really pop in those pants. Aiden then tells him that women’s legs are stronger than men’s arms. He brushes it off but she’s eager to prove it and wraps her legs around his neck while propped up on the bar. Aiden SQUEEZES until he’s knocked out and plops to the ground. He wakes up with his ankle chained to the wall. “You’re in my playground now” she says then dominates him with numerous scissors and other holds such as schoolgirl pins, camel clutches and grapevines. She also spends a good amount of time crushing his body. If this guy didn’t believe in the power of a female’s lower body, he certainly does now. Aiden’s scissors are insanely strong and once she has you in her leg prison, there’s NO ESCAPE!!! She scoops him up for one last reverse headscissor, checks his pulse and squeezes until it slowly fades away. Not a bad way to go.

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