Agatha Delicious

Destroyer of Men 14

We’ve heard from numerous people that ScissorFoxes had to get Agatha Delicious on the site and that her scissors are crazy strong. Her years of dancing, working out and training in various martial arts have made her into a lethal man crushing machine. Once she traps you up in between her long powerful legs, there’s absolutely no escape. You’re locked up in her leg jail and she throws away the key. This almost full competitive match shows just how agile and dominant she can be against a bigger opponent like Kris. She’s always in control and beware of those scissors. Within seconds, you could be seeing stars. Watch as Agatha puts him out with a triangle and front headscissor for a second or 2. Agatha has so much fun toying with him as she totally conquers him. Kris tries his best to fight back but she’s much too fast and skilled. Those of you who have wrestled her know that she’s a lot stronger than she looks. Agatha saves the best for last and sticks him in a reverse headscissor, warning him that he’s going out. As her legs and glutes tighten up, you can see Kris slowly drift away. Agatha holds it there for a while, making sure he’s out before finally letting him go. She looks down on him and strikes a much deserved victory pose. Do you think you have what it takes to take on Agatha Delicious?

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