Pamela Strong

Destroyer of Men 2

This wrestling match is simply insane! After watching this, you’ll be wondering why the heck we haven’t featured Pamela before. She is a gem with incredible skills, speed, strength and of course; looks. Some may even say she resembles supermodel and actress Pamela Anderson. There’s a thousand reasons to fantasize about Pamela kicking your ass and this video will be one of them. For her debut video on ScissorFoxes, she goes above and beyond to show us her talent and let’s just say we were shocked when we received this. She completely destroys this guy and looks hot as hell doing it. This video has EVERTHING!! There’s plenty of kicks, punches, slaps, ball busting, ball grabbing, facesitting, splits, takedowns, pins, flips, foot stomps, foot chokes, triangle chokes, arm chokes, armbars, frantic tap outs, trash talking, long victory poses with muscle flexing and a reverse headscissor knockout! It is very fast paced and makes you wonder how any man could ever stand a chance or survive the wrath of Pamela. Get ready to be blown away!

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