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Jolene Hexx

Destroyer of Men 20

If there is one thing we know for sure is that Jolene Hexx absolutely loves destroying men, and she’s eager to put them in their place. That special place is right between her sexy thighs. After all, isn’t that where all men really want to be, as she points out. Once trapped, there is no escaping until she decides and while spending time in there, she will degrade you. Jolene is a great trash talker, and she will make you feel inferior to her superior legs. Some of the things she says in this match are mind-blowing. She really knows how to get in his head, all while making him struggle for every breath. After she’s done mentally and verbally abusing him, she gets physical and tightens her grip so hard, you’ve never seen a man tap so fast. Jolene ends up destroying this man in every sense of the way, and that’s why we love her for it. Enjoy!

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