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Princess Nikki

Destroyer of Men 25

Princess Nikki is truly an alpha female who loves demeaning men and putting them in their place. She has an incredible fit physique, she uses very interesting holds, and her trash talking is some of the best we’ve heard. Some of the stuff she says to her victim in this video is jaw dropping such as “Let me feel your moan in my pussy”, “Break either your neck or your arm”, “I will not be surprised if you get a brain injury” and “Until your last breath, that was the deal”. She also manages to get 4 knockouts, one of which she demands that he stares into her eyes as she puts him out. And that booty. Can you imagine staring at that while Princess Nikki has total control of you? This girl is a well known dominatrix, has been wrestling for 7 years and has taken BJJ classes. When you step on the mat with her, get ready to be her bitch. Princess Nikki is truly a Destroyer of Men! Enjoy this 13+ minutes of total destruction!

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