Madison Swan

Destroyer of Men 26

Our newest Destroyer of Men features none other than Madison Swan. Don’t let her size fool you because this girl is totally jacked and can wipe the floor clean with you. Her strong, lithe legs make the perfect knockout weapons. Watch as she warns Eddie multiple times that failing to tap will only result in a nap between her legs. Despite the size difference, Madison’s energy is unmatchable, and she just climbs and grapples him with ease, controlling every situation. His stubbornness and defiance only get him into more trouble, as Madison proves just how easily she can knock him out. Not only does she knock him out within the first couple of minutes to show him, but later in the match, she actually traps him in a front headscissor and starts counting down from 5, knowing full well his destiny as if she’s done this before hundreds of times. She finishes him off with one last KO with a reverse figure-4 which he wakes up with her ass in his face and her flexing her biceps. She then steps on his chest as she walks out of the room. Do you have what it takes to take on Madison Swan?

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