Destroyer of Men 3

Our fans are really enjoying our latest series “Destroyer of Men” and we we knew exactly who we would feature next. Sheena is the definition of man destroyer! This woman has it all; beauty, muscles, strength and incredible grappling skills. When you wrestle Sheena, get ready to get your ass handed to you. She’s an expert at making men beg for mercy and tap frantically. She won’t always let you go either. Look how she completely annihilates Dante in this session. He looks terrified and in pain the entire time while Sheena is having a blast doing what she does best, destroying men between her massive thighs. She even jokingly tells him to relax and enjoy while squeezing him into oblivion. He’s no match for her speed and power. There’s plenty of reverses, triangle chokes and other scissor holds which have him turning purple. She also incorporates her famous ankle choke a couple of times, even knocking him out with it at the end. Sheena is a force to be reckoned with. You don’t want to miss this!

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