Jenny Blaze

Destroyer of Men 4

True story: We recently went to Toronto for shoots and had 4 models cancel on us at the last minute. We contacted Jenny to see if she would be free to shoot a few videos. She said the timing was perfect. She recently quit smoking and spends almost every day at the gym mostly doing legs and cardio. Needless to say, it showed big time. We decided to try her out in our latest series “Destroyer of Men” and she came out BLAZING! Her scissors are stronger like never before. She’s actually the first to knock Jay out in a reverse classic (like a reverse but you’re facing her feet). Look how shocked he is when he comes to. He starts pinching her legs (our “safeword”) to let her know to ease off. Unfortunately for him, she never does. Jenny laughs at his panic filled tapouts and tells him “No!”. She has fun showing off her enhanced scissor power, knocking him out for a total of 7 times!! Ya that’s right. Another thing to mention is that Jenny now has one of the strongest bodyscissors out of any of the girls we’ve worked with. If you’re a bodyscissors fan, you know how hard it is to find a girl who can actually make you submit in one. Well Jenny’s were terrifyingly strong and that’s big praise coming from someone who’s been scissored by nearly 200 women. This is a high paced, high pressure destruction of men with perfectly executed scissors. Treat yourself with this gift for the holidays. You won’t regret it.

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