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Bianca Blance

Destroyer of Men

Words cannot describe how crazy this video is. Bianca has outdone herself once again and delivers one of the best videos we’ve ever featured on ScissorFoxes, which says a lot considering that we have released nearly 1600 videos so far. She completely destroys 2 men in this 15 minute action packed double feature. The first match is semi-comp and starts off with Bianca rushing in on her opponent while he’s doing pushups. Only 15 seconds into the match and she has already knocked him out. This is just a taste of things to come. In the onslaught of scissors and sleeper holds, she knocks him out 5 more times! The span between them get shorter and are practically back to back by the end of the match. They also get more extreme with some severe body twitching. You KO lovers are in for quite a treat. Bianca then does an interlude, informing us of a new opponent that she’s found and is anxious to put him to sleep. She shows off her lethal legs and how she is going to SQUEEEEZE him. This match is fast paced full-comp and is very intense! When she does manage to get him in her scissors, she makes him tap frantically and doesn’t let go until she is satisfied. She laughs as he begs her to let go. He gives her a good fight but he never stood a chance. Bianca is an ass kicking machine with tons of energy and abnormal strength. By the end, she has broken his spirits and taken his manhood. She finishes him off with a KO using a front headscissor. Bianca ignores his frantic tap outs until he’s finally out. She then flexes for the audience and invites you to go to sleep. Are you ready for this? Bianca is waiting!

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