Miss Jasmine & Pink Doll

Double Danger

This is by far one of the most intense videos we’ve ever shot and Jay, as lucky as he was to experience this, is also lucky to come out of this alive. That said, please welcome our latest sexy ScissorFox, Pink Doll. Standing at 5’7″, weighing 180 pounds and armed with a pair of 30.5 inch thighs, you know this girl was made for this. You’re also going to love her sexy French accent. When Miss Jasmine came to Toronto, she contacted us and said you have to meet my girl Pink Doll, she is the real deal. After seeing her photos, we knew she was perfect, but what came next was totally unexpected. Miss Jasmine and Pink Doll insisted they do a video together. What we didn’t know was how they decided to completely ambush Jay with as many back-to-back knockouts as they can. If knocking him out 6 times wasn’t bad enough, they also smother him with their asses while he’s helplessly trapped in the other’s tight scissor hold. You can hear his muffled screams as he’s actually fighting for his life. They pin his wrists and clamp down on the other girl’s legs to double up on the pressure. We’ve never seen Jay so terrified before. He actually couldn’t make it until the end and had to cut to gain his breath. In fact, he wanted to quit multiple times throughout as it was too much for him to bear. These 2 women are dangerous together, and we highly recommend booking a session with either of them, or together if you’re brave enough. You definitely don’t want to miss this!

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