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Equestrian Knockout

As most of us know, equestrians have some of the strongest scissors in the world. Like an equestrian, Caramel has some of the strongest thighs, which explains the crazy knockout at the end of this video. She knocks him out so hard with her reverse headscissor, his entire body goes into a full spasm for almost 10 seconds. Although Caramel was never an equestrian, she sure fits the part with her brutal scissor strength and that sexy outfit. When Caramel doesn’t have her slave squirming between her big thick thighs, she is making him kiss and worship her magnificent ass. She then engulfs his face with it, taking his breath away. Caramel also brings her horse whip in the mix, flogging him to keep him in line. As mentioned, the video ends with an insane reverse headscissor knockout, which we also include a slow motion replay. You don’t want to miss this!

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