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Violet Brooks

Escape or Neck Break 4

Please welcome the newest member of the SF team; Violet Brooks! This Canadian model has long strong legs and couldn’t wait to clamp them around Jay’s neck. Violet used to be a dancer and now commits herself to weight training so you can just imagine what kind of power she possesses. This video is quite taxing on Jay since his hands are also tied behind his back. There’s nothing he can do to stop Violet from collapsing his neck with her thighs. To top it off, she gives him a time limit to escape or else she will show him exactly what her athletic legs are capable of. He struggles to get his hands untied while she persistently crushes his neck and reminds him that she WILL break his neck if he fails. In reality, she knows he doesn’t have a hope in hell. Even if he gets his hands free, there’s no way he’s escaping her scissorhold. Ultimately, he fails and as promised, Violet snaps his neck with her thighs and strikes a victory pose over his limp body. Violet Brooks will certainly be one of your new favorite Foxes!

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