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Extreme Boot Camp 4

If there’s anyone who can push someone’s limit and then some, it’s certainly Bella. She’s proven over and over again that she can be your worst nightmare. Our Extreme Boot Camps are all about pushing the limits while being tied up and this one certainly takes the cake. Bella brings Jay to new levels of fear, applying full pressure as he lays there helplessly between her locked thighs, taking all of her abuse. She snaps, jolts and quivers her muscles while watching her victim struggle to pass any air through his windpipe. She then takes it up a few notches by introducing some Hand Over Mouth. He is REALLY desperate to breathe but she just laughs it off and enjoys every minute of it. His only chance is to try and buck her off, but she’s got his neck so tight that she’s not getting off this bull ride so easily. After working him so hard, she finally decides to put him down for a nap. She props herself off of the bed and knocks him out in her figure-4 headscissor. “Were you dreaming?” she asks with a smirk on her face. Bella does it again!!

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