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Goddess Jess

Extreme KO Machine!

Ever since we saw Goddess Jess do that brutal knockout at FetCon 2023 by the pool, we knew we had to get her on ScissorFoxes. Our friends at Nickses.com were happy to produce a video for us featuring the amazing Goddess Jess, and made sure we were getting something special. All we asked was for was as many knockouts as possible, hoping to add her to our latest “Knockout Machine” series, and Jess decided to take it up a notch. She ties Nick’s hands and feet behind him, making sure he can’t escape what she’s about to do to him. She then unleashes back-to-back knockouts using her strong legs and arms, knocking him out a total of 8 times, with a few other close calls. Her reverse headscissors, figure-4 headscissors and devastating sleeper holds are her go to KO moves. If that wasn’t enough, Jess really pushes Nick’s limits with some airtight hand over mouth which have him squirming for his life to breathe again. The best is that sexy smile of hers while she does all of this. After the last knockout, Jess turns to the camera and warns Jay from ScissorFoxes that she’s coming for him next. After watching this, he better be scared! Make sure to catch Goddess Jess’ incredible debut video and perhaps a start of a new Extreme series.

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