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Red Diamond

Fitness Fanatic: Break a Neck!

You wanted more FBBs! You wanted more POWER! Here you go! For our second Full HD 1080p release, Red Diamond destroys Jay with 2 of the most extreme KO’s yet! The first one is in a front headscissor on the workout bench where Red points at Jay’s face just as he’s going out while laughing at him. We’re not sure if she meant to do it because Jay’s weights fall to the floor, and she immediately tends to him. He’s quite shaken up, but the fitness session must go on. The second knockout is even MORE brutal as she has him in an angled reverse while doing some oblique crunches. He’s out for an entire 14 SECONDS (6:37-6:54) before she notices it. This one really rattles him but again, the show must go on. After a short break, Red continues to compress his neck and ribs to dust. Words cannot describe the strength that this woman possesses. She doesn’t even have to cross her ankles to get Jay to frantically panic in her reverse. At the end, she “accidentally” thrusts a little too hard and breaks his neck. I guess he shouldn’t have short-changed her for their workout session. Who’s next?

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