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Foxxy Doll & Raven Wild

Forever in Scissors!

Imagine being trapped in scissors FOREVER! Our dream team Raven Wild and Foxxy Doll have actually made this happen. This unlucky (or possibly lucky) guy must stay locked up in Foxxy’s scissors all day and all night until Raven feels the need to squeeze. One thing about Foxxy is that even though she is a just doll, her skeleton is solid steel encased in a rubber like material and once her ankles are locked together, it is impossible to escape. Her grip is also very tight so make no mistake, this slave is really suffering. We also added a voice to Foxxy, making his time spent in her leg jail even more humiliating. Raven is back from work and she’s more than anxious to get her turn. She unlocks Foxxy’s ankles and within seconds, she has the slave trapped in her own thighs, barely giving him a break from this life in scissors. To be honest, Raven always gives everything that she’s got but somehow, she manages to take it up a notch and make her slave more scared than we’ve ever seen before. (True story: We actually had to cut numerous times because Jay couldn’t handle her scissors and this does not happen often.) The fear is as genuine as it gets and Raven actually gets turned on by this. She’s one of very few girls who might actually enjoy it more than the receiver. She knocks him out a couple of times with her man crushing reverse and once her scissor craving has been satisfied, she locks him right back up in between Foxxy’s sculpted legs until the next time her hunger strikes. If you’re brave enough to recreate this scenario or just want a Foxxy Doll to scissor you on occasion, feel free to check out our partner’s websites SEX DOLL America and SEX DOLL Canada. Remember, the doll must be placed into position and is not robotic. Feel free to message us or their suppliers if you have any questions.

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