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Ava Simone

Forever Trapped Part 2

After getting punished, crushed and knocked out by the beautiful and extremely strong Megan Jones for breaking into her house (check out Forever Trapped Part 1), in comes Ava Simone, her sexy super fit roommate. It’s now her turn to “play” with the burglar. Ava completely destroys him with her muscular thighs. She knocks him out REALLY good in her second scissorhold, holding it until he’s completely out! He then wakes up panicking and completely terrified. Ava keeps him locked tight between her legs while he tries to figure out what the hell is happening. Her cut-off jean shorts really accentuates her glutes as she squeezes him in a reverse headscissor which nearly pops his head off. She has him scared out of his wits. After making him beg for his life repeatedly, she puts him out again in her reverse. At this point, he’s totally dazed. These girls have really taken a toll on him. Ava traps him in schoolgirl pin and demands that he looks at her while she flexes her biceps. Moments later, Megan walks in and is ready for her turn again. She locks him in a front headscissor and gives him everything she’s got. This could go on all night or maybe even FOREVER!!!

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