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Full KOmp 2

You guys really seemed to enjoy our first Full KOmp video so get ready for another very exciting match! Jolene is no stranger to full competitive battles and is a total savage in the ring. Even with her opponent Christian giving everything he’s got, Jolene completely destroys him! She’s just so quick and savvy, wrapping herself around him and pouring on the pressure until he has no choice but to tap. Round after round, Jolene manages to outmaneuver her opponent and get the upper hand (or leg in many instances). The back and forth trash talk is also very entertaining and can be pretty harsh at times. Even though this video does not include a KO (as the title suggests), it merits the name for the shear competitive factor. Just like in the first one, the winner of the match gets to punish the loser for 2 minutes but this time we have a special surprise. After Christian claims that Jolene cheated, Jennifer Thomas is called in to settle the argument. It’s a clear victory for Jolene so she carries on her cruel scissor punishment. Jennifer then takes over but you’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.

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