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Get ready for our 3rd Full KOmp video featuring our latest Fox! This sexy 6 foot tall 160 pounds blonde bombshell is jacked with muscles in all the right places. Beatrix has very long powerful limbs and once she has you wrapped up in them, it’s impossible to escape. She towers over her opponent who stands at 5’3″ and weighs in at 160 pounds. He’s a little bulldog and tries his best to take her down but she’s just too much woman for him. Beatrix is a true amazon and totally dominates her male opponent. Despite his desperate efforts, he always finds himself clasped between her muscular thighs. He doesn’t stand a chance in her anaconda squeeze. In some instances, when she has him locked tight, she mocks him by pretending she’s barely even trying. That’s a low blow to his ego. The way she thrashes her hips and thighs while his head is trapped in her vise, we’re surprised his head is still connected to his shoulders. Beatrix then goes for the ultimate defeat and knocks him out with her reverse. Watch her glorious muscles as she strikes a victory pose over the inferior male. That’s one woman you do not want to mess with! Enjoy!

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