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Cali Kobra

Game Night – Level 1

Welcome to our first Game Night and to kick things off, Cali was more than happy to play. After all, what better way to spend an evening than to play Super Mario and crush someone’s skull. This could possibly be her hottest video yet and it has everything you can dream of in one video. First off, just look at her in that latex thong leotard…WOW! Not only does she hold him in a firm reverse headscissor the entire time she’s gaming but she also has his hands and feet tied up so he can’t go anywhere. She also threatens to tighten up or put him out for a “nap” any time she wins or loses. Midway through, she gets so excited to finally beat a hard level that she celebrates by knocking him out. As Cali says: “The fun’s not done yet” as she shakes her booty in his face. With every emotion she goes through, Jay feels the wrath. Cali finally gets really upset after losing her last life in her game. She feels as though he should suffer the same fate but gives him a chance to try and wiggle himself free and beg for his life. Both don’t seem to work or convince her so Cali uses her strong dancer’s legs to break his little neck in a swift reverse headscissor, giving her complete satisfaction. She then does the splits on his neck to relish in her triumph. Who’s ready for level 2?

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