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Jenny Blaze

Game Night – Level 2

Jenny loves Game Night, especially the ScissorFoxes version. When we told her that she would get to play Super Mario while scissoring Jay (who can’t tap because he’s tied up) and knock him out as often as she wants, Jenny was here in a heartbeat. Wearing a very skimpy thong leotard, she locks his neck deep within her thighs where he will remain throughout the entire night or until she is done with him. His attempts to wiggle free comes to an abrupt end when she warns him that if he affects her game in any way, she will break his neck. Now he’s completely terrified of her and tries to withstand every constricting squeeze which happens quite often. She actually get so into that she purposely knocks him out. Minutes later, she knocks him out again! After all, that was part of the deal, as many knockouts as she wants. Finally, she gets to the end of Level 2 and out of excitement, she snaps his poor neck between her strong thighs (slow motion replay included). Now she’s playing with POWER!

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