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Game Night – Level 3

Jayde’s ass just keeps getting more and more muscular and what better way to spend the night than to be trapped between her thighs, forced to stare at it while she plays some old video games. She has him tied and up (wrists and ankles) and firmly locked in a reverse. There’s no way of escaping which really comes back to bite him. As some of you may know, Mario can be a very frustrating game and every time Jayde loses a life, it creates a chain reaction, resulting in some really hard squeezing. So at times, Jay can be very comfortable in her grip and then suddenly, she unleashes a pythonic crush sending him in a desperate panic. One time, she got so upset that she accidentally put him out for a nap. He wakes up still prisoner to the angry gamer’s strong legs. This goes on for a few more minutes until Jayde builds up so much frustration that she breaks his neck with her thighs. This woman has too much power for her own good!

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