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Game Night – Level 4

As with most of our girls, Fitbeast really enjoyed doing this video. It combines 2 things she really enjoys; old school video games and lots of SQUEEZING! To make sure that she doesn’t get interrupted, she makes sure that Jay is tied up real good and locked in tight between her muscular thighs. He begs her to let him go but she informs him that he’s not getting out until she beats the game. Unfortunately for him, she’s not doing very well so he may be stuck there all night long. Fitbeast loves giving him bursts of power while playing her game. There’s a whole lot of panic but what do you expect when legs like hers are wrapped around your head? We asked Fitbeast to do a knockout at the end which she gladly did but what’s funny is after knocking him out, she pulls him in for another. Jay starts screaming: “I was out!” repeatedly, begging not to be knocked out again but there was nothing that he could do. Fitbeast knocks him out again in her powerful reverse. She then stands above him, puts her foot on his throat, flexes her bicep and asks him who’s the best. We always have fun on Game Night.

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