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Siren Thorn

Game Night – Level 6

This may be Siren Thorn’s most extreme video yet. Her vise-like scissors have him begging for mercy throughout the entire video. You can tell how freaked out he is as he clearly can’t get the air he so desperately needs. Siren is quite good at holding the exact pressure needed to get that type of reaction for a VERY long time. What’s scary is she squeezes even tighter every time that she gets frustrated with her game sending him into a panic frenzy or, a scissor nap. The second knockout is quite impressive as she purposely pours on the pressure after his constant begging screws up her concentration. After she knocks him out, she resumes her game and says: “that will shut you up for a little bit”. It’s unreal how mean and sadistic she is to him. It also doesn’t help that his hands and feet are tied together, making any hopes of escaping this nightmare impossible. She then suggests that he invites his friends over for Game Night, whether to see him humiliated or perhaps to be her next squeeze toy. Either way, she looks really excited about it. Finally, Siren has had enough of him and with the power of her thighs, she snaps his neck, permanently shutting him up for good. Game Night is always a great time at ScissorFoxes.

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