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Game Night – Level 7

Game night can get VERY intense, especially when you’re tied up and have your neck between Firestorm’s thighs. No joke, this girl has one of the tightest scissors out there and when she doesn’t want you to breathe, she clamps down and you won’t get a drop of air. If you’ve seen her previous videos, you know how badly she can make someone panic or even pass out. Now you will witness just how dangerous this game can be as Firestorm makes Jay pay big time any time she gets a power up or loses in the Mario game that she’s playing. Picture a crazy rollercoaster but scarier than anything you’ve ever been on. Her legs are just so strong and muscular and her technique is perfection. When she gets frustrated, her anger goes right to the legs and she doesn’t care how much he screams for mercy. She even accidentally knocks him out at one point, but her second KO is the best as she purposely squeezes him and stares at his face as he slowly goes out. She doesn’t let go until he’s completely out then finally releases her grip and goes right back to playing her game. As always, if you like loads of genuine scary panic, Firestorm is your girl.

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