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Get Out or Pass Out 3

For our 3rd “Get Out or Pass Out”, we decided to do something a little different and more realistic. This video actually depicts Jayde in real life and is totally something she would do. So if you’ve ever wondered how Jayde is off camera, you’re about to get a glimpse. Sporting a sexy girl next door outfit which is something she typically wears day to day, Jayde and her real brother in law are sitting around trying to fight off boredom. Now what’s about to take place actually happens in real life from time to time where Jayde will put Jay in her scissors out of the blue and taunt him to try and get out. She also likes to scare him with the possibility of knockouts if he fails. She really gets off on him struggling to get out as he’s terrified of being KO’d by her. You’ll never see a happier Jayde as she’s totally in her element here. She feeds of his persistent attempts to escape, and squeezes hard every so often to remind him who’s in control. As you could have guessed, her favorite hold to knock him out in is the reverse headscissor and lately, she’s been holding it longer after he goes out. She probably wants to make sure he’s dreaming because once he wakes up, the reality is, this can happen again at any given time. It’s the risk you take when hanging out with a competitive girl like Jayde who knows the power of her legs. Based on true events. Enjoy!

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