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Siren Thorn

Get Out or Pass Out 4

There’s nothing hotter than a tight reverse headscissor in shiny latex booty shorts. What’s even hotter is when the male is tied up and the woman tells him that he must escape or she will knock him out. Siren Thorn’s scissors are like a pair of vise grips and there really is no escaping. Her technique is so good that she can either cut off your breath or knock you out at will. Watch her egg him on to try and escape her grip knowing full well that it’s impossible. With his hands tied behind his back, all he can do is try and yank his neck away which gets him nowhere. Halfway into the game, Siren decides to motivate him by knocking him out with a reverse. Maybe this will remind him of what’s at stake. He wakes up and desperately tries to wiggle free from various scissorholds but has no success. Siren just laughs at him and continues to push his limits. Finally, Siren says that the time is up and knocks him out again with her sexy reverse. She strikes a victory pose and informs him that they’ll be playing this game again in a few hours right before walking over his chest. Who else would like to play this game with Siren?

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