Jenny Blaze

Get Out or Pass Out 5

One of your favorite Foxes is back and she shocked us by how much stronger she was. We actually had to cut filming a few times throughout the shoot because Jenny’s scissors were too much for Jay to handle. She’s always been strong but this was just ridiculous! Needless to say, this innocent game of “Get Out or Pass Out” gets really intense real fast. By the 3rd hold which is a side reverse, Jenny has him so terrified, you can tell he’s ready to throw in the towel. It’s also great to see how much Jenny is enjoying herself and loves pushing him past his limits. She knows exactly how to get the best reaction by making sure his neck is in deep, ankles locked, legs straight and enjoy the ride. She warns him that time is running out and she will happily knock him out if he fails. Jay tries his best to pry her legs apart but her thighs are cemented on his neck. There’s no breaking free which is good news for Jenny. She gets to do what she’s been patiently waiting to do for a long time. She knocks him out with her reverse headscissor and waits until his arms flop to the floor before letting go. We’re so happy she’s back. Aren’t you?

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