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Deadly Sin

Girl Next Door

Sin’s neighbor is about to find out that she isn’t just your typical hot girl next door. She can actually kick most guys’ asses and knock them out with her long, tanned legs. After keeping her up all night with his loud music and partying, he has the nerve to come over the next morning and ask for some coffee. Sin is LIVID and totally unleashes hell on this guy! She throws him to the floor, hops on top of him and wraps her strong legs tightly around his throat. We’ve never seen her so mean and vulgar! She really lets him have it! That hangover can’t be helping either, as his head must be pounding. She then gets him in a schoolgirl pin, pulls off her top and shoves it in his mouth. Sin then flexes her biceps, totally emasculating him. She rolls to her side, wedges his neck into another scissor while pinning his wrist between her calves, knowing that a scissor nap is on the agenda. Sin pulls his head into a tight reverse headscissor and right before knocking him out, she smiles and asks if he’s still breathing. She tightens up her glutes and knocks him out. Upon letting him go, she says: “Definitely not breathing anymore”. She steps on his chest and strikes a victory pose.

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