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Jasmine Mendez

Group Therapy: Fetish Addictions

Welcome to Dr. Jasmine Mendez’s fetish addiction therapy group. Her methods are VERY extreme but fun to watch! One by one, she asks each member to share their fetish with the group. The first man admits to being obsessed with facesitting. Jasmine points to the ground and tells him to lie on the floor. She stands up and slowly removes who skirt, revealing her amazing booty covered in silky pantyhose. She lowers herself onto him, engulfing his face into her ass. She reminds him that he only gets to breathe when she allows it, and makes him hold his breath for long periods of time. It’s now time for the next patient who loves breast smothering. Jasmine unbuttons her blouse, takes it off and mounts him, stuffing his entire face between her large breasts. The third guy is addicted to scissors, which makes Jasmine really happy. She directs him to the bed and gives him a taste of what she’s capable of. She KNOCKS him OUT right away in a reverse headscissor! With his wrists still pinned by her hands, she manages to wiggle his limp head with her thighs back into her grip and starts squeezing SUPER HARD! It’s like watching a rodeo. He’s so desperate to get out and tries to buck her off, but she holds on tight and enjoys the ride. Every scissor she applies on him brings him to his breaking point and beyond. For the grand finale, she manages to administer all fetishes at the same time flawlessly. She sits on one face while applying a headlock on another and forcing his head into her breasts, while also locking the third guy in a classic headscissor. You have to see it to believe it! When she finally lets them go, she says: “See you guys next week!” with a big grin on her face.

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