Jolene Hexx

Harley Quinn: Scissor Asylum

Do you think if Harley Quinn ever had you trapped between her gymnast’s legs, she’d ever let you out…alive? A Gotham thug actually had the guts to attack her and threaten her for Joker’s location. Well love can make you do crazy things and Harley takes crazy to the next level. The psychotic psychologist quickly shows this man, who’s at least twice her size, just how “rough” she likes it. She brings the big man to his knees and quickly wraps one leg around his neck. “You messed with the wrong girl.” Harley turns him into her own personal squeeze toy, making him squirm like a little worm. She’s much too quick for him and her legs are insanely strong. He underestimated her and now finds himself at the mercy of Joker’s feisty girlfriend. Just for fun, Harley knocks him out TWICE between her legs. Once in a reverse then again in a front headscissor. Throw in some kicks, butt drops and an interesting reverse schoolgirl pin with wrist locks and you’ve got yourself a good old fashion ass whoopin’. Harley then shows off her mad scissor skills by cracking his neck like a twig. Every Halloween, we try and do something special and this may be one of our most entertaining ones yet. Special thanks to Jolene Hexx who nails the part of Harley Quinn and simply looks fantastic doing it. Also thanks to Tomiko for filming it and her victim who not only played his part very well but had to take EXTRA abuse. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!

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