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Raven Wild

High Stakes Strip Poker

A game of strip poker takes a nasty turn when Raven loses her shirt, then notices her that friend is cheating. The rules have now changed and Raven holds the Wild card; KNOCKOUTS!!! She knocks him out 4 times, which some of them are very long and brutal. If you’re familiar with Raven’s work, she’s all in when it comes to scissors and all bets are off. She stretches out her entire body, using full leverage to maximize her crushing power. The first KO happens in a side headscissor. After being out for awhile, Jay’s body goes into self-defense mode while he’s still sleeping, prying at her legs desperately. After she finally releases him, he’s just in shock! The next one happens in a figure-4 where she stares into his eyes as she purposely puts him out for a nap. The third KO occurs in a side reverse but this time, after letting him go to wake up, she locks her legs back up and enjoys watching him scream for mercy. Lastly, she use her most dangerous scissorhold; the reverse. With her feet firmly planted on the ground, his chin tucked deep into her buttocks, Raven explodes her energy throughout her legs until his body goes completely limp. As ha wakes up again very confused and disorientated, Raven drops the full deck of cards on him and says: “52 pick up bitch!”. Get ready to be highly entertained!

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