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Hot Yoga 5

It’s obvious that Jayde has been putting on some muscle so when her brother-in-law tries to get her into yoga, she’s quick to demonstrate how weight lifting is much more benificial…especially for her scissors. Sporting some very grippy under armour yoga pants, Jayde quickly traps his body between them while he’s trying to correct her yoga pose. With a quick snap of her legs, she makes him squeal like a bitch. She then grabs the back of his head and pulls his neck into her crotch to show off her headscissor strength. He’s been in this position many times before but this is the strongest he’s ever experienced. Her workouts have really been paying off. Jayde continues to stretch his neck with her big strong thighs, making him realize that she’s doing perfectly fine without yoga. While holding him in a tight reverse headscissor, she realizes that she’s worked up a good sweat and she can get a better grip without the leggings. She whips them off and sticks him back in her reverse. Yep, she was right. He’s in big trouble now. Jayde goes full out on him, describing the different leg workouts that she does to intimidate him. Finally, she wants to demonstrate her true power so she knocks him right out. Jayde REALLY enjoyed this workout so her brother-in-law may become her thigh master again in the near future.

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