Hotel Battle 4

Rapture looks so freaking bad ass in that catsuit and she’s ready to rock Marc’s world! This is a very intense semi-comp match with quick paced action and plenty of powerhouse scissors and smothering. We put Rapture against our biggest opponent but her skills, strength and stamina make her unstoppable. This woman is ROCK SOLID and totally man-handles Marc. She was determined to make him her bitch! She throws in facesitting, grapevines, breast smothering, camel clutches, gut punches (even threatens to punch him in the balls) and there’s nothing he can do. He’s totally pinned and even when he taps out, Rapture doesn’t always let him go. She beats him round after round, CRUSHING him with her monstrous thighs! In the end, she forces him say “Rapture’s the best” and you really can’t argue with that! If you love watching Rapture completely destroy men, this is certainly for you!

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